Life By You vs Paralives: Which is Looking Like the Bigger Sims Killer?

Occasionally, new games are released that look like they could tempt players away from their go-to title. An exciting new kid arrives in town and everyone wants to get to know them. In the life simulator world, The Sims has been the big-name title for the past two decades. Will Life By You or Paralives be the bigger Sims killer?

Paralives vs Life By You – Could They Take On The Sims 4?

It takes a lot for a big title to be killed off by a new arrival. Asymmetrical horror game fans debated for weeks whether the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game would kill Dead By Daylight. Previous to that it was Video Horror Society (VHS) that made its move into that territory. Neither game was successful in taking on Dead By Daylight. This was mainly due to the huge following DBD had established over the years. So will The Sims 4 survive the arrival of two new life-sim games, Paralives or Life By You?

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