If you keep getting your stuff stolen in DayZ and Rust, this 40% off bundle’s a great way to call in backup

If you’ve had a hankering for a chaotic open-world survival game full of players that will gun you down on sight (or just want to see how long you’ll survive in a zombie apocalypse), then Steam’s Pioneer Survival Pack sale has you covered. 

From March 7 to March 14, you can buy Rust and DayZ at 40% off their combined value at $50.98/ £41.38. Rust has been around since 2013, with a five-year-early access period, but it still has a dedicated community. 

“DayZ was one of the initial inspirations behind Rust, way back in early 2013, so it’s exciting to finally be releasing a bundle featuring both games that we’re so proud of,” Alistair McFarlane, a producer at Facepunch Studios, said in a press release. 

If you’ve been trying to convince a few friends to join the fight and help you survive in these unforgiving lobbies or be around to avenge you when a random player inevitably guns you down and steals all your stuff, then this bundle’s a perfect way to push that sales pitch over the line. 

Rust has previously been cheaper (its lowest price sitting at $8.74/ £6.94), but the last discount was only 33% off in December, with Dayz getting 40% off in early February. So, while the current Pioneer Survival Pack sale isn’t groundbreaking in its price cuts, it’s still a decent discount if you’re looking to snag both games in one right now. 

Jumping back into the chaos that is Rust is always great fun, especially if you have friends by your side—after all, it’s hard work navigating lawless servers when you’ve only got a skull and some rocks to your name.

It’s no easier in DayZ, with most players keen to take everything you have for themselves or hunt you for sport. But I have a slightly morbid obsession with zombie games, so my idea of fun is fighting off undead clawing at my feet while someone’s trying to snag a headshot from an opposite building. 

The only advice I’d have for anyone venturing into either of these survival games for the first time is to take the ‘shoot first, apologise later’ approach—sometimes, it’s just too much hassle to be nice. 

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