Cowboy Bebop is the second anime collab coming to Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s second anime collab event, starting on March 12, will let you wear skins and other cosmetics based on the main crew in Cowboy Bebop.

If Blizzard’s approach to these events hasn’t changed since the One Punch Man collab last year, Overwatch 2’s heroes are now canonically fans of the space western anime. The crossover skins are like cosplay for the characters of Overwatch, art director Dion Rogers told Xbox Wire last year: “Our heroes are basically aware of the anime and are fans too.”

In addition to Cowboy Bebop’s excellent music showing up in the game, you’ll be able to buy four Legendary skins through the shop and unlock an additional one for free by completing challenges in the game.

The lineup will look like this:

Spike Spiegel CassidyFaye Valentine AsheJet Black MaugaEd SombraEin Wrecking Ball (unlockable for free) 

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(Image credit: Blizzard / Sunrise)

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Ever since the teaser for the Cowboy Bebop collab in the season 9 trailer, fans have theorized which characters will wear the new skins. Everyone’s guesses were close, although season 10’s new hero, Venture, would’ve been an even better fit for Ed—they’ve got the hair and the goggles!

Blizzard will reveal what the skins actually look like next week, but it released a few pieces of art based on them. Ashe pulls off Faye’s purple hair and outfit pretty well, but I’m hoping Sombra-Ed’s hair looks that good in the game.

The other cosmetics are still a mystery but will include new emotes, play of the game highlight intros, “and more,” according to Blizzard’s blog post. Like the One Punch Man event, you’ll probably have to play a bunch of games to unlock the Ein Wrecking Ball skin and some of the other cosmetics.

Now it’s time to guess how cool the Overwatch 2 menu will look during the event. Saitama Doomfist doing pushups and squats at a lower framerate to look like the One Punch Man show was a brilliant idea last time. Given how strong the vibes are with basically anything related to Cowboy Bebop (let’s ignore the live action Netflix show), I expect its menu treatment to be way, way more slick. 

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