Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2’s Brujah are big drinkers who flip the bird to taunt enemies

With Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 due out this year, The Chinese Room continues to let us sip the game’s veins, today giving us a better look at one of the undead clans: the Brujah. These leather-loving vamps are the rebels of vampire society, and were the first clan revealed by both Hardsuit Labs in the sequel’s original incarnation, and again by The Chinese Room.  

Picking a Brujah vamp means you’re going to be a frontline fighter with a shitty attitude, always looking for a scrap. The Brujah were initially warrior scholars, but in the modern world they are known more for being impetuous and short-tempered. Expect a very in-your-face kinda playstyle. 

In combat, you’re going to be furiously punching and feeding. Brujah abilities include Taunt, where you supernaturally compel your enemies to attack you, making them take more damage; Charge, which lets you rush forward, grabbing anyone you collide with and turning them into a battering ram; Lightning Shocks, turning you a punching machine where you’ll unleash a barrage of blows against multiple enemies; and Earthshock, where you slam the ground and send foes flying. 

I particularly like the image that accompanies the Taunt description, where Phyre is simply flipping the bird. I suspect that would compel people to fight you even without vampire magic—it’s pretty rude.

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

These aren’t your only tricks. Brutality is the clan’s passive ability, which will make you stronger after feeding by enhancing your attacks. Pulverise, meanwhile, is the clan’s perk, which means you can kill an enemy without feeding and still get the powerful benefits of a big drink.

Bloodlines 2 isn’t all about brawling, of course. There’s chatting to be done, too. Characters who know your clan’s reputation will expect you to have a short temper, and while Phyre will have access to hostile dialogue options regardless of clan, as a Brujah vamp they’ll have unique opportunities to stir things up. The developer notes, however, that you can still play against type, and that characters will react to your unexpected chillness.

If you’re feeling thirsty while you’re prowling the streets at night, you can also use your influence ability to get civilians all fired up, making them chase you into a quiet spot where you can have a delicious supper without anyone noticing—helping you to avoid breaking the titular Masquerade.

I honestly wasn’t too impressed with the extended reveal back in January thanks to the disorientating combat and limited roleplaying options, but now that we’re out of the bleakest time of year I’m a tad less grumpy and trying to be hopeful that Bloodlines 2 will live up to the brilliant—if janky—original.

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