Turbo Golf Racing tees off April 4 on PS5

Are you ready for the ultimate fusion of racing and golf? Well warm up your engines and polish your golf balls because Hugecalf Studios is proud to announce that Turbo Golf Racing hits PS5 on April 4!

Turbo Golf Racing revolutionizes the traditional sport of golf by introducing turbo-charged cars as the means to putt the ball. Compete in golf or race game modes across over 80 fantastical levels, unlocking a selection of more than 500 cosmetics as you progress.

Race mode brings adrenaline-inducing speed to the fairways. Compete against seven opponents in a race to putt your ball first. Equip unique Power Cores, which grant special abilities or passive effects, such as a Magnet that can pull your ball closer or Hyper Glider which increases your cars gliding speed. Collect pick-ups such as Air Strike or Frost Beam to hinder the progress of your rivals in your bid to become the ultimate Turbo Golf Racer.

For those who favor a traditional golfing experience, take a moment to unwind in Golf mode, where accuracy outweighs speed. Victory is awarded to the player who putts in the fewest shots, so make every shot count, there’s little room for error.

Feel like practicing? Take on Time Trials, a way to learn the maps, refine your skills, and compete in the online leaderboards.

Hang out with your friends and play at your own pace in Custom Games. You can line up your favorite maps and customize the cores and pick-ups available.

Launch party

We’ll celebrate Turbo Golf Racing’s launch with a season full of party rewards! For a limited time after launch players can earn our 2 new car bodies: Jester, our clown car, and Bassline, a car equipped with DJ decks and speakers. Other goodies include party shades, musical boosters, and pork pie wheels, totaling over 35 seasonal rewards.

New Golf mode

Alongside a season of content, Turbo Golf Racing will feature a new game mode, allowing players to compete in Golf mode with up to seven opponents. This new fast-paced take on golf is only for the most skillful of players. Out of bounds will trigger penalties, so if you want to score an eagle, albatross, or the infamous hole-in-one, you’ll need to be precise with every shot!

We’re excited to see you all on the starting line, so mark the 4th of April on your calendar, let the launch party commence!

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