How to get a Focus Activity Winners Package in Destiny 2 and open it

Besides being a mouthful to say, the Focus Activity Winners Package is a special new reward for Destiny 2‘s Guardian Games event. You’ll need to acquire and open three of them if you want to keep your fancy new Allstar Vector hoverboard after the event ends. 

That said, it’s hard to puzzle out how to get Focus Activity Winners Packages, especially when that’s not what they’re actually called—classic Bungie. 

What you actually need to acquire and open are the Focus Champions Packages you get when your class triumphs in a Focus Activity. Either way, here I’ll explain how these new activities work and what you need to do to get those three packages for the quest.

How to get Focus Activity Winners Packages

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The Focus Champions Package is what you’re actually looking for (Image credit: Bungie)

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You can see who’s winning during a Focus Activity by hovering over the icon (Image credit: Bungie)

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The Focus Activity will have a white bracket and a timer at the top (Image credit: Bungie)

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There are also cooldown periods when there isn’t an activity (Image credit: Bungie)

Once you progress the Guardian Games questline and acquire the Drop In quest from Eva Levante at the Tower, you’ll need to open three of these special rewards in order to get yourself the permanent version of the new exotic hoverboard vehicle. To get these, your class needs to win a Focus Activity

If you head to the Tower in the Destinations tab of your menu, you’ll see four activity icons in the upper section and a little flag with a triangular symbol and a star above them. If you hover over this it’ll tell you when the next Focus Activity is set to start or, if a Focus Activity is already happening, the point scores for each class so you can see who’s winning it. These activities run periodically for two hours from Monday to Thursday and three hours from Friday to Sunday.

One of the four activities below will also have a little white bracket underneath showing that it’s the current Focus Activity. Hover over the icon and you’ll also be able to see how much time is left. Now that’s explained, here’s a little summary of what you need to do to get your package:

Participating in a Focus Activity with a particular class while wearing the Guardian Games class item “pledges” it, meaning it’s the class you’ll receive the rewards for when the Focus Activity endsIf your class earns the highest point score, you automatically get a Focus Champions Package in your inventory, and opening it will progress the quest. If your class didn’t win, you’ll get a Focus Activity Package of a tier dependent on the point threshold your class hit. Opening this second type doesn’t progress the Drop In quest. You’ll also likely need to log in and out for these rewards to appear.Hunters have won most of the Focus Activities so far because there are more of them as a class. So, the easiest way to get these packages is if you have multiple characters and can pledge whichever class is winning so you can get that Champions Package.

The winning packages also contain an absurd amount of medals that you can dunk at the podium in the Tower for extra rewards. It’s worth noting that you might also need to deposit your current medals to make space before opening the Focus Champions Package.

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