10 Wildest Final Fantasy Moments That Only the Series Could Pull Off

The Final Fantasy series is built upon a treasure trove of excellent moments. With a legacy lasting over 35 years, Final Fantasy is one of the longest-running RPG series in gaming history. It’s a series noted for its constant evolution and innovation. No game is like another, and this is especially true on the story axis. We all have our favorite Final Fantasy moments, but here are the 10 wildest moments that only the series could pull off.

Garland’s Time Loop (Final Fantasy I)

Image Source: Square Enix

If you think modern Final Fantasy stories are deviating from the classics with their convoluted time travel and dimensional shenanigans, think again. The very first Final Fantasy game featured time travel as a core plot element. Yes, that’s right, the classic medieval Final Fantasy games of yore had their fair share of sci-fi wonkiness in them, and it wasn’t always easy to understand either.

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