Atlus has recreated the original Persona 3 trailer to celebrate 22 million copies, but now I can’t stop thinking about Door-kun

To celebrate Persona 3 Reload’s success, which has now passed 22 million copies sold, Atlus has turned back the clock and released a special trailer, which is almost a shot-for-shot recreation of the Persona 3 “Promise” trailer. 

The special “Promise” trailer, which Atlus has decided to remake, was released as trailers for both Persona 3 and the definitive cut of Persona 3: FES. An enhanced rerelease of the original game that adds an epilogue and shadow-hunting android Aigis as the playable character, among other smaller additions. The short trailer showcases all sorts of scenes, from epic battles in the mysterious dungeon Tartarus to casual social meet-ups as you build Social Links with your fellow classmates. 

If you manage to line up the trailers and watch them side by side, then you’ll be able to appreciate just how far the RPG has come after almost two decades since its initial release. I got a rather rude awakening as I had convinced myself that this flashy trailer was the best thing that ever graced the earth when I first saw it in 2007, but to be fair, I was seven years old. 

This revamped “Promise” trailer isn’t just all about aesthetics; it also holds a sentimental value for some perceptive Persona fans. The trailer being released on March 5 may not mean much to those who haven’t played through any of the Persona 3 games, but for long-time fans, it marks a day of remembrance as many join together to remember the legacy of Door-kun, otherwise known as Makoto Yuki, Persona 3’s protagonist. 

If you haven’t gotten around to completing Persona 3 Reload just yet, then you may want to come back to this next part, as there are spoilers ahead. 

The moniker Door-kun first came about as a slightly macabre way for players to cope with how Makoto Yuki met his fate. Towards the end of Persona 3, Yuki and other SEES members are faced with a revelation about Nyx and the Fall, an apocalyptic event that would bring about the total destruction of humanity. To save his friends, and as one last act of heroism, Yuki performs the Great Seal, a special event-only skill used to keep Nyx and Erebus from reuniting, sacrificing his life in the process.

It’s a sad way to say goodbye to a protagonist I watched grow in confidence and slowly open up to his friends, and after watching the fantastic recreation of the “Promise” trailer, I’ve had to relive these emotions all over again. Happy March 5, everyone. 

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