Steam’s latest big sale has Blasphemous at 75% off, which is enough to make me take the Lord’s name in metroidvania

In this world, nothing is certain except death, taxes, and Steam rolling out a terrific sale every time I’m trying to save a few pennies. Cue Steam’s Metroidvania Fusion sale, which offers up some terrific deals on some of the best genre mashups around.

There’s up to 75% off on various games, and some of the best deals include Yoku’s Island Express, which sees you play as an insect postman and, if that wasn’t enough, earned a handsome 85% in PCG’s review. There’s also Luna’s Light, which involves a young huntress navigating a hostile post-apocalyptic world. However, the stand-out that caught my eye and made my stomach drop in fear has to be the brutal soulslike Blasphemous, which is currently 75% off at $6/ £5. 

Taking inspiration from Roman Catholic iconography and Andalusian culture, as well as a healthy dash of eternal damnation, this metroidvania is more than just soul-crushing boss fights and beautiful backgrounds. From the first moment I entered the nightmarish world of Cvstodia, filled with tomb-carrying statues and bloody enemies covered in thorns, it was a hellish ride, but one made memorable by its poetic storytelling as much as the rage-inducing fights. Blasphemous really does tempt you to take the Lord’s name in ‘vainia. 

The sale also features demos, meaning you can try out some of the games on offer before purchase: Trinity Fusion, SongBird Symphony, and Blasphemous among them.

Many of the demos are for games that aren’t on-sale, one example being Ultros. The psychedelic metroidvania’s demo gives a glimpse into the Sarcophagus, an extraterrestrial cosmic uterus that houses plenty of weird and wonderful animals and vegetation. You’ll also be able to listen to the peaceful music and sounds that emerge from the alien landscape, most of which were captured by one sound designer on a trip to Peru. It’s a beautiful experience and one that is definitely worth a look at. 

The Steam Metroidvania Fusion sale is live now, and runs until March 11.

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