Robo Rendezvous: Robotics Innovators and AI Leaders to Converge at NVIDIA GTC

Bringing together pioneers in robotics and AI, NVIDIA GTC will be a state-of-the-art showcase of applied AI for autonomous machines.

The conference, running March 18-21 at the San Jose Convention Center and online, boasts a star-studded lineup. This includes a fireside chat with Marc Raibert, executive director of The AI Institute, and Dieter Fox, senior director of robotics research at NVIDIA, as well as panels featuring heavyweights like Disney, Google DeepMind and Amazon, alongside insights from NVIDIA stalwarts like Senior Research Scientist Jim Fan.

With over 77 ecosystem partners and more than 25 partner robots, from industrial giants to entertainment bots, GTC is where the future of robotics unfolds.

Attendees will be able to explore the convergence of AI and robotics through dynamic displays in the AI at the Edge and Metropolis pavilions, featuring the latest robot arms, robotic vision systems and high-accuracy 3D scanning systems.

These demonstrations provide compelling examples of how AI seamlessly enhances human capabilities across diverse industries. Groundbreaking demos using large language models for real-world applications will push the boundaries of human-machine interaction.

Here are a few of the conference’s must-see robotics events:

AI’s Impact on Robotics: In a fireside chat, Raibert and Fox discuss AI’s transformative role in robotics, moving from traditional controls to AI-driven technologies.
Generative AI in Robotics: A panel led by NVIDIA Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager Sandra Skaff and featuring leaders from Ambi Robotics, Covariant, Vayu Robotics and Scaled Foundations discusses the impact of generative AI in robotics, focusing on its potential to advance reasoning, planning and perception.
Generative AI Revolution: Google DeepMind unveils the next frontier in robotics, powered by generative AI’s advancements in perception and interaction, in the session “Robotics in the Age of Generative AI.”
Metaverse Meets Automation: SICK AG offers a vision of the metaverse revolutionizing the automation industry, in the session “Exploring Tomorrow’s Industrial Automation.”
Robots and AI Vision: The session “Empowering Collaborative Robots: The Future of AI Vision With Digital Twins” shows how AI vision is setting new standards for robot-human collaboration.
Robots With Character: Walt Disney Imagineering will show how it’s enabling the rapid design of legged robotic characters that learn to imitate artist-specified animations, in the session “Breathing Life Into Disney’s Robotic Characters With Deep Reinforcement Learning.”
Boosting Humanoid Performance: Sanctuary AI explores the role of synthetic data in enhancing humanoid robot performance for complex tasks, in the session “Using Omniverse to Generate First-Person Experiential Data for Humanoid Robots.”

Plus, a special session with Deepu Talla, vice president of robotics and edge computing, about “AI Robotics: Driving Innovation for the Future of Automation” was just added to the GTC catalog.

This year’s GTC also offers 40 hands-on labs, providing attendees with an immersive experience of the practical applications of these technologies.

A Jetson and Robotics Developer Day will be held on Thursday, March 21, featuring a full day of sessions and panels that dive deep into building next-gen AI-powered robotics and edge applications on the NVIDIA Jetson, Isaac and Metropolis platforms.

Over the past decade, GTC has been where advances in computer graphics, deep learning and generative AI were launched. As industries from agriculture to manufacturing are transformed by these technologies, this year’s event will offer a glimpse into the innovations that will soon define our daily lives.

Register for GTC to secure your spot at the forefront of technology’s next leap. 

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