Spiritfall is an action roguelike with the combat of a platform fighter

Recent action roguelike Spiritfall has a new spin on the genre, incorporating the combat style of platform fighters like Super Smash Bros and MultiVersus with the ever-upgrading power curve of the roguelike genre. By choosing from some 150 or so blessings your divine warrior can synergize out some wild combos to defeat your enemies—or make a bad build, die, and start over.

“Spiritfall is a fast-paced Action Roguelite with combat inspired by Platform Fighters. Slash, smash, launch, and wall-splat a multitude of enemies using an ever-changing arsenal of divine powers,” say the devs.

“This game asks the interesting question: what if Hades was Smash Bros?,” says a review on Steam—specifically, the review that has been marked as helpful more than the other ones. It’s a pretty succinct, direct way to sum up the fights.

Spiritfall has been in Earlyy Access for a while now, with a series of betas before that, but just got a proper 1.0 release on February 28. There are further updates in store, though: Better in-game stat tracking, performance improvements, a boss rush mode, new relics and weapon enchantments, and a custom run mode that lets you tweak the experience or share a seed with friends.

Spiritfall’s doing pretty well, with 91% positive reviews of 800 total as of press time. It’s developed and self-published by indie team Gentle Giant. You can find Spiritfall on Steam for $20, though it’s 25% off at $15 until March 6.

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