I wish I could actually play these PS1-style demakes of the latest Resident Evil games

Rustic Games BR is one of those YouTube channels with a delightfully simple niche: what would X modern game (usually a Resident Evil) look like on the PS1? Their collection of delightful little anachronisms scratches this itch in the dumb nostalgic lizard part of my brain, with their latest creation, a PS1 demake of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, being a particular winner.

Now, basic algebra would have you think a PS1 demake of the Resident Evil 2 remake just leaves you with… Resident Evil 2, but Rustic Games BR’s take is much more than that. The video presents and over-the-shoulder, full-3D take on a portion of the iconic RE2 police station, with Leon fighting a zombie and the Tyrant with the 2019 remake’s over-the-shoulder camera.

Last October, seemingly in celebration of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Rustic Games BR did a similar treatment for a scene from that game, the modified (and far scarier) introduction to the Wolverine-but-evil monster, the Garrador. These puppies are already stressful enough to deal with using modern controls and over-the-shoulder aiming, so even thinking about taking one on with the clunky controls of yesteryear stresses me the hell out.

Rustic Games BR has a number of other takes on more recent Resident Evil games, but their creation that’s most dear to me has to be Elden Ring – PS1 Edition. This fixed-camera mockup shows a kind of hybrid of the first and second fights with Godfrey, and the tank control version of Elden Ring’s combat looks way more fun than it has any right to be. The real star of the show has to be the pre-rendered background though: Leyndell’s otherworldly beauty might be a perfect fit for that uncanny quality of ’90s Myst-style pre-rendered graphics.

You can follow Rustic Games BR on YouTube to keep abreast of their future projects, while the closest thing to what we covered today that’s actually playable is probably the excellent Bloodborne PSX fan demake, whose creators are now working on Not-Bloodborne Kart.

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