Automakers Electrify Geneva International Motor Show

The Geneva International Motor Show, one of the most important and long-standing global auto exhibitions, opened this week, with the spotlight on several China and U.S. EV makers building on NVIDIA DRIVE that are expanding their presence in Europe.


One of the key reveals is BYD’s Yangweng U8 plug-in hybrid large SUV, built on the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin platform. It features an electric drivetrain with a range of up to 1,000 kilometers, or 621 miles, thanks to its 49 kilowatt-hour battery and range-extender gasoline engine.

IM Motors

The premium EV brand by SAIC and Alibaba, IM Motors, unveiled its IM L6 mid-size electric  saloon (aka sedan), which will soon be available to the European market.

The L6 features IM’s proprietary Intelligent Mobility Autonomous Driving System, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin. The advanced system uses a comprehensive sensor suite, including one lidar, three radars, 11 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors. IM reports that the L6 is capable of highway navigation on autopilot, marking a milestone in the company’s mission to bring advanced self-driving vehicles to market.

IM Motors has been working with NVIDIA since 2021, using NVIDIA DRIVE Orin as the AI brain for its flagship LS7 SUV and L7 sedan.

IM Motors IM L6


The Geneva Motor Show marks the European debut of Lucid’s Gravity SUV.

The Gravity aims to set fresh benchmarks for sustainability and technological innovation when its production commences in late 2024. Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE, the luxury SUV features supercar levels of performance and an impressive battery range to mitigate range anxiety.

Lucid Gravity SUV

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