Gran Turismo 7’s 1.43 update features three new events, new cars, and Café Menu

Gran Turismo players! Update 1.43* for Gran Turismo 7 is available as of Wednesday, February 28 at 11:00pm PST / February 29 at 6:00am GMT / 3:00pm JST.

3 new cars added this month

Audi TTS Coupé ’09 

(Can be purchased at Brand Central or Used Car Dealership)

A high-performance model aggressively evolved from the TT. 

The TTS is the high-performance version of the TT, which first debuted at the North American International Auto Show in January of 2008. The powertrain combines a 268.2 BHP @ 35.7 kgfm 2 L direct injection turbo engine with either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch transmission. Though it has the same displacement as the standard 2L turbo model, the TTS features a bespoke engine block, pistons, and connecting rods, and the turbocharger has been improved to increase performance. It produces 71 BHP more power and 7.2 kgfm more torque than the normal 2L turbo unit in models such as the 2.0 TFSI quattro. As a result, the 0-62.1 mph acceleration time is 5.2 seconds for the S-Tronic model, and 5.4 seconds for the 6-speed manual transmission. 

Aside from the standard coupe body, a convertible ‘Roadster’ model was released in certain regions. On the mechanical side, the car is equipped with the ‘Audi Magnetic Ride’ variable dampers system as standard. When selecting the sports mode from the switch on the console, the ride height drops by 10 mm, allowing for more dynamic handling. This also provides a more aggressive ride befitting the TTS name.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR GSR ’06 

(Can be purchased at Brand Central or Used Car Dealership)

The ‘9.5’, the final 4G63 powered Lancer Evolution.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR GSR is the 2006 update of the ‘Lan Evo’ IX GSR which debuted in 2005. On first glance, the car appears to be almost identical to the previous model, but numerous refinements have been made across the entire car. For example, while the maximum power and torque numbers of the 4G63 engine remain the same, the MIVEC variable valve timing system has been retuned, the standard specification turbine wheel has changed to a titanium-aluminium alloy, and the compressor inlet diameter has been downsized. Along with other minor improvements, this resulted in sharper engine response and faster acceleration. The suspension has also been upgraded, employing high spring rate Eibach coils combined with Bilstein dampers, and the electronically controlled ‘Super AYC’ 4WD system has been reprogrammed to focus on cornering ability. 

There have also been refinements to the aerodynamics with the shape of the front bumper being changed to reduce lift. The ‘MR’ of the model name stands for ‘Mitsubishi Racing’. Throughout the company’s history, this designation has been given to the highest performance sports models. For the Lancer Evolution, MR models first appeared in the VIII line-up, making this IX the second MR model in the car’s history.

Renault R4 GTL ’85 

(Can be purchased at Brand Central or Used Car Dealership)

The world’s first hatchback found great success through utilitarian design. 

The Renault 4 (often called the ‘Quatre’ from its French name) is a compact car that debuted in 1961 to replace the best-selling Renault 4CV. Though its predecessor featured an ‘RR’ layout, which puts both the engine and drive wheels at the very rear of the vehicle, the Renault 4 featured a front-engine front-wheel drive (FF) configuration. The car would prove to be a massive success and served as the people’s car for many years to come. The car’s most notable design element is its packaging which formed the basis of the modern hatchback. The FF configuration allowed for a more spacious interior and the 4 also featured a large and lightly usable luggage space behind the back seats. 

The mechanicals of the car are also unique. For example, although it features torsion bar suspension, which uses the elastic force of twisting a metal bar in place of a spring, it uses 2 different torsion bars in parallel for each of the rear wheels, which displaces them slightly and results in a different wheelbase on the left and right of the car. Additionally, as the transmission has been placed at the very front of the car, ahead of the engine, gear changes are operated by a long rod which reaches over the engine and protrudes into the cabin. The driver changes gears by pushing and pulling the rod in and out of the dashboard.

Café / Extra Menus 

The following Menu has been added:

Extra Menu No. 36: Lamborghini (Collector Level 43 and above)

World Circuits (Event)

The following new events have been added to World Circuits:

Sunday Cup Classic – Tsukuba Circuit

Japanese Clubman Cup 550 – WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

European Clubman Cup 600 – Tsukuba Circuit


Pyrenees has been added as a featured curation in Scapes

*Internet connection and Gran Turismo 7 game required for update. 

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