What Rainbow Swirl Does in Pet Sim 99 & How to Get It

Pet Simulator 99 is full of interesting pets, potions, enchantments, and all kinds of other items. However, some are exceedingly rare compared to how little they affect your gameplay and one of those literally looks like poop. So, prepare to be disappointed because here is what Rainbow Swirl does in Pet Sim 99.

What Does Rainbow Swirl Do in Pet Sim 99?

Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite

Using a Rainbow Swirl in Pet Sim 99 will give your character a colorful aura for a couple of seconds, as is shown in the image above, and that is it. You’ll get no buff, currency, or anything of the sort. There are really few items in the game that are as useless as this rainbow-colored poop emoji. Actually, the pet speed enchantment is pretty close.

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