Looking for a gaming laptop or handheld with extra smarts under the hood? MSI’s 2024 lineup ushers in the AI era

As a living being in the year 2024, you’ve probably noticed that AI’s changed the world in a very short space of time lately. More than just drawing nightmare portraits of six-fingered people and summarising Bing searches for us, AI has had a big impact on gaming hardware, drivers, and the software itself. It makes a lot of sense to tool up with a system that’s right at the forefront of that revolution. Enter MSI’s 2024 laptop lineup – and an innovative handheld, the Claw. 

The Cyborg 15 AI A1V leads the charge. It’s not just a name – there’s AI advancements all over this laptop, from the CPU and GPU to the MSI AI Software Suite.

MSI Cyborg 15 AI (Image credit: MSI)

Starting with silicon-level smarts, you’ve got NVIDIA GeForce RTX laptop graphics, which brings neural AI-driven DLSS to your gaming arsenal. Turn it on, let the NVIDIA supercomputer trained on billions of images upscale your native resolution via the card’s Turing and CUDA cores, smooth out the jaggies and even interpolate extra frames. At local frame rendering stage, DLSS analyses the differences between two frames in the render pipeline and generates extra images to smooth out the transition between them. You get a massive FPS boost for free, and a silky smooth experience in supported games.

That graphics power’s paired with Intel Core Ultra CPU architecture, and the Core Ultra 7 155H processor within the Cyborg 15 AI’s spec options provides an integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for power-efficient AI acceleration and local inference that comes in handy whether you’re gaming, multitasking or taking on some video editing work. 

That’s paired with MSI’s AI software suite that handles everything from overclocking and system optimisation to image generation. Leave it to the AI to determine the best settings for your laptop in whatever use case you’re in right now, and enjoy it changing on the fly to suit your needs. 

That same CPU technology powers the MSI Claw, a formidable gaming handheld that brings your whole PC library with you wherever you go, along with with best-in-class battery life, and a buttery 120Hz refresh rate panel. Not bad for a gaming system that fits in your bag. What’s more, the Claw is now available to pre-order in the UK, with prices starting at £699 at Currys. 

MSI Claw (Image credit: MSI)

Levelling up your user experience, MSI Center M pulls all the most useful and essential features and settings into one place. It cuts out the menu-trawling and lets you stay comfortable and efficient while you work or play.

If you’re looking for elite-tier productivity, the Prestige 16 AI Studio laptop’s specced with your needs in mind. Up to Intel Core Ultra 9 CPU power and RTX 4070 laptop graphics powers this sleek, power-efficient model and it’s all packed into an ultra-sleek 1.6kg, 18.95mm thin chassis.

(Image credit: MSI)

NVIDIA Studio brings a suite of AI assisted tools to creators that leverages the power of your GPU for a wide range of productivity tasks. Smash the render times of your 3D animation projects, fine-tune your photography with AI help, streamline your broadcast workflow or visualise your latest architectural project in incredible detail as a 3D model in an all-in-one suite. 

But let’s say you want to go all out on gaming performance, in a large sized laptop that maximises your immersion. The Titan 18 HX has an updated and refreshed design, with a world-first 18-inch, 4K 120Hz mini-LED display at its heart. It’s a panel that offers not only ultra-crisp resolutions and rich colour reproduction, but super smooth frame delivery via that refresh rate.

(Image credit: MSI)

Bespoke vapor chamber cooling keeps the top-spec componentry within it nice and frosty, even when the Titan 18 HX is putting out an industry-first 270W of power. You simply can’t buy a better specced, higher performance gaming laptop in 2024. It’s the no holds barred solution.

For more info and to get your MSI laptop, head to MSI’s official website.

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