10 Weirdest Infinite Craft Combinations That Left Me Speechless

Since its launch, Infinite Craft has taken the world by storm with the near-infinite amount of combinations you can make. With that, plenty of combinations that were beyond my wildest dreams were suddenly being generated before my eyes, so I figured it would be best to compile those that struck me the most.

10. Radioactive Kanye West

Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

“What was I doing combining Chernobyl and Kanye West?” you might ask. The answer isn’t quite as simple as the results, but it expanded my horizons and showed me that you can do quite a bit with only a little in Infinite Craft. Getting Kanye West was the hard part, mainly because I can’t remember how I got my way to Kardashian. However, getting the string of “Divorce, Husband and Marriage” meant I could pull the rapper from the weeds of wherever he hangs out nowadays.

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