Sons of the Forest cheats: How to spawn every item in the game

Looking for cheats in Sons of the Forest? Now that the scary survival game has left early access, you can use console commands to turn on godmode, spawn every item in the game, run and jump like a superhero, and even enlist an army of helpful Kelvins to follow you around. 

And here’s more good news: using Sons of the Forest console commands has gotten even easier, because you no longer need to install mods to do it.

How to enable cheats

How to enable Sons of the Forest cheats

To enable cheats in Sons of the Forest, just start a new game or load up one of your saved games. Once you’re playing, type the word ‘cheatstick’ to activate the console. It’s just cheatstick with no quotes, and you don’t need to type it into a chat pane or anything, just type it while you’re in the game. Your character will probably kneel and open their pack due to the keys you’re pressing, but that’s fine.

Once you’ve done that, press F1 to bring up the console. You’ll see codes all over your screen, but if you start typing you’ll see the words in the top left corner. Enter the command you want and press enter. Press F1 again to close the console. The console has autofill so if you type even part of a valid command you’ll see it come up on the list.

Below you’ll find a list of Sons of the Forest console commands (we’ll be updating this list as we discover more). We haven’t tested them all and aren’t sure what many of them do yet, so be sure to back up your saved games if you’re worried about corrupting your save file. 

Player cheats

Player cheats

NPC/Enemy cheats

NPC/enemy cheats

Additional cheats

Other cheats

Here are the rest of the console commands you can use in the debug console mod, though we haven’t tested most of them yet. Some may require a number following them to work, others may require an on/off statement following them. Be careful when using them and remember to back up your saved games.

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