Arcane Clash: The Legendary Mages Set to Debut In Dragonheir’s Multiverse

In the last chapter of the crossover between Dragonheir: Silent Gods and Dungeons & Dragons, legendary ranger Drizzt Do’Urden successfully thwarted his nemesis, Errtu the Balor. Now, the adventure moves into its second phase, with two arcane masters from Dungeons & Dragons, Elminster Aumar and Sammaster, making their debuts February 23.

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Expanding Dragonheir’s Fantasy Multiuniverse with Classic IP Collaboration 

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, also referred to as Dragonheir, is an open-world TRPG that incorporates several classic western fantasy tabletop game mechanics, such as dungeon duels, card mechanics, dice rolls, and a wide variety of races and professions. Sagi, Lead Producer of Dragonheir and head of SGRA Studio, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: 

“We look forward to embarking on an extensive collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons, a renowned western fantasy IP. Our goal with this collaboration is to provide players with an immersive experience as they explore the vast world of Dragonheir. We want players to enjoy the thrill of forming adventurous teams with iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters and engaging in strategic combat.” 

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Experience The Exclusive Storyline to Get Limited-Time Rewards 

In the latest chapter of this collaborative adventure, Dragonheir’s multiverse welcomes the arrival of Elminster Aumar and Sammaster, two esteemed masters of the magic arts. In the original lore, Sammaster once studied magic under Elminster Aumar. However, after a heated argument, Sammaster grew resentful of Elminster, veering away from the path of righteousness and into the necromantic arts, which ultimately leads him into conflict with his former master. Within Dragonheir, players will accompany Elminster Aumar to thwart the collaborative boss Sammaster from encroaching upon the world of Dragonheir.

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In addition, the event offers players many more new gameplay features, artifacts, and promotional benefits than the first phase. These include:

Introduction of Arcane Dice, a limited-time dice skin exclusive to Phase Two Collaboration.Multi-phase gameplay for the collaborative Boss, presenting varied abilities and attributes, empowering players to tailor their strategies.A limited-time artifact, A Guide to Magic by Elminster, accessible through the Sage’s Chess Piece Collaboration Token.An exclusive collaborative promotion bundle containing multiple Heliolite Dice and Skill Scrolls, accompanied by the exclusive collaborative avatar frame, Sage of Shadowdale.

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All these new layers will help players delve deeper into the strategic gameplay, and reap additional benefits during this collaborative adventure. The expanded feature set promises a more immersive experience, with greater strategic depth and an enhanced reward system for players who participate in this event.

Dragonheir: Silent Godscollaboration with Dungeons & Dragons is now available to play on Mac, Windows, Epic, Steam, iOS and Android. Click here to download the game now and enter the exclusive gift code pcgamer23 to redeem limited rewards.

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