Open world Terminator survival game set for full reveal at Nacon’s Connect event later this month

Ever since E3 was shattered into a million pieces by the pandemic, publishers have been sprinkling their own showcases across the calendar to highlight their new games. These days we can barely go three weeks without an event from Microsoft or Sony or, indeed, Nacon, which is bringing back its Connect event at the end of this month.

The publisher, which is probably best known right now for the recent release of the thoroughly alright Robocop: Rogue City, has run its Connect event for several years now. Its upcoming showcase will peel back the living tissue and reveal the metal endoskeleton of another movie franchise tie-in, namely its upcoming open world Terminator survival game.

The game was announced two years ago, and is in development at Nacon Studio Milan. While little is known about it at present (even the title is still under wraps) Nacon has confirmed that it’s set in the post Judgement Day era of the timeline, but before the formation of John Connor’s resistance. A teaser trailer was released alongside the announcement, so presumably this year we’ll find out more about how the game actually plays.

Personally, I’m hoping for an Alien Isolation-style experience that focuses on tension and evasion. But given what most people associate with the term ‘survival’ these days, alongside the fact that it’s open world, Nacon’s game is more likely to be a resource gathering, base building affair with the occasional bit of running away from Terminators thrown in. Let’s just hope it’s better than Terminator: Resistance, which was developed by Rogue City studio Teyon, but was a considerably rougher experience than its more recent Robocop game.

Alongside this mysterious Terminator project, Nacon is also set to provide further details on Greedfall 2, follow-up to Spiders’ well-received RPG from 2019, top-down roguelike Ravenswatch, and Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. The latter is the first entry in the TDU series in more than a decade, and sees the racer take to the streets of Hong Kong island.

Nacon Connect will take place on February 29 at 7AM CET/10AM PT.

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