Be a fantasy god smashing an army of terraforming robots in Gods Against Machines

An upcoming little indie action game sets some weird little mythological fantasy monsters up against an army of sci-fi robots looking to terraform their world, casting the player as a wrathful god seeking to strike down the invading robots with their powers. It releases later this month and has a demo out now on Steam.

The combination of roguelike and action RTS lets you summon monsters and rain fire/ice/lightning/etc from the sky to obliterate the robot hordes as they try to establish beacheads and destroy the mana crystals that keep your planet—the goddess Gaia—alive and your powers going. Defeat the robots in one region and you move on, fighting them in another, until you wipe out their leaders to end the invasion.

Gods Against Machines is developed and self-published by Silver Eye Studios, a “small family studio” indie outfit based out of Czechia, more widely known in English as the Czech Republic.

“In Gods Against Machines, players take on the role of a warrior god tasked with thwarting an invasion of alien machines. Armed with a variety of spells and the ability to customize them, players embark on an epic campaign to battle machine armies led by giant robots. Featuring over four dozen unique spells, randomly generated maps, and a roguelite meta-progression system, the game offers hours of fun that never gets stale,” said Silver Eye in a press release.

Gods Against Machines also lets players tailor the difficulty of missions to their liking, skipping ahead in the queue of enemy outposts in exchange for a faster rate of completion—and less robot terraforming—in exchange for fewer overall upgrades.

You can find Gods Against Machines on Steam, where it will release into Early Access on February 26, 2024 and cost $11.

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