You’ll get extra Helldivers 2 XP this weekend to make up for a bug

Fellow cape-wearers, I’m broadcasting to you from the bridge of the SES Fist of Individual Merit with good news: Due to “accounting errors,” you’re getting 50% extra XP and Requisition awards in Helldivers 2 this weekend. 

“Responsible parties are undergoing reeducation,” says the effect’s in-game description.

The accounting errors in question are really just a bug (the software kind) that has “caused some player rewards to not pay out properly at the end of missions,” deputy game director Hagar said in a tweet.

“We are working on a fix for this, but in the meantime, we want to try to alleviate the impact as we head into a weekend,” wrote Hagar. “…Many thanks for your patience and support (and for the glorious cascade of memes you’ve been sharing!). Now get back down there, Helldivers, and defend our territory against those Automaton incursions!”

The “Accounting Corrections” effect is in place until the end of Sunday (CET).

Regarding those automatons, we have work to do: At the moment, they seem to be winning.

A message to the HELLDIVERS 2 community from Deputy Game Director Sagar Beroshi about the upcoming weekend: 16, 2024

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