PS VR2 FPS Hubris introduces Arena game mode in today’s free update 

We’re excited to announce a new free addition to Hubris, now available at PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR2. Introducing a thrilling Arena mode where you’ll encounter multiple rounds of Uron invaders and have to navigate through a closed combat map, all set in a never-before-revealed environment. 

Players will have to shoot, jump, climb and move through a map, set in a training ground deep in OOO (Order of Objectivity)-controlled territory. While you’ll encounter diverse combinations of enemies familiar from the game’s core experience, the revamped setting and enemy encounters provide an entirely fresh gameplay experience. And if you want to challenge yourself even more the new game mode has three different difficulty tiers to play through.

But that’s not all – we’ve dialed up the gameplay by adding some weapon powers and upgrades which can be earned by completing waves. 

This adventure unfolds outside the main storyline and enables us to push the boundaries. This game mode gives players access to upgrades that would typically break the game’s balance. Grenades are also newly added to this game mode so you have a better way to deal with grouped enemies, and let’s be honest – there is no better feeling than throwing a well-placed grenade to blow up a huge amount of enemies in one blow.

New mode details from developer Hubris

“We recognized the potential in the mechanics we integrated into Hubris and seized the opportunity to offer our fans something new, exciting, and fresh. When designing the levels for Hubris, our focus was on ensuring they were understandable and accessible. Our goal was to guide the player from point A to point B in an engaging manner, with a clear flow, while also maintaining a balanced level of challenge.

But this custom-built level forces players to move, climb and jump in all directions, reach a defence point and eliminate enemies before succumbing to their attacks. The new game mode starts off relatively easy but quickly escalates with Uron threats emerging from various directions. Only the most skilled players will survive more than a couple of waves especially on hard difficulty. This level is designed with numerous pathways and options for maneuvering between points A and B, emphasizing the importance of strategic movement in overcoming the obstacles posed by the Uron forces.“

– Elie Van Ravels, Game Designer, Cyborn BV


Looking ahead, we’re looking into ways to further expand this game mode, allowing players to experiment with combining upgrades, adding more maps and possibly more enemy types. However, our primary focus right now is gathering player feedback to refine this new gameplay experience, which stands alongside our current, multiple-hour story-driven campaign.

In addition to introducing the new game mode, we’ve fine-tuned existing features based on player feedback. From tweaking weapon mechanics, aim and knockback to ironing out gameplay flows and resolving some last remaining bugs, we’ve strived to enhance the overall gaming experience.

As we roll out this update, we’ll closely monitor player reactions to determine the course for future expansions. 

Hubris is just the beginning of a grand narrative, and we’re committed to unraveling the mysteries of the OOO, the Uron, and special agent Cyana.

Furthermore, we’re thrilled to announce that, in partnership with Perp Games, players can now also purchase a physical copy of Hubris for PS VR2.

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