The creator of Hello Neighbor is making a Home Alone-inspired PvP heist game and you can sign up to test it on Steam now

RBO looks like just the thing for a group of goofy Discord friends: a “physics-powered” heist game in which one player must protect their house while a group of unallied intruders attempt to rob it.

Publisher tinyBuild officially announced RBO today, although public testing started at least a couple weeks ago judging by comments on the video above. If you want to try it out, you can request an invite to the playtest on RBO’s Steam page. 

Hitting the playtest request button didn’t immediately grant me access, so you may have to wait before you’re invited to do some ’90s family comedy-style burglar tormenting.

RBO comes from Nikita Kolesnikov, the designer of the very successful “stealth horror” Hello Neighbor games, and you can tell from the look of it, although these aren’t the “final visuals.” TinyBuild says it’s “currently testing the gameplay loop before talking about the premise, story, and universe” of RBO.

The prototype-ish graphics make it slightly hard to tell what sort of traps and tools we’re looking at—the most obvious object is a beartrap, but I’m kind of hoping for makeshift hazards like Home Alone’s classic paint can on a string or sizzling doorknob. (The Steam page uses “home alone” as a generic term, funnily, but I don’t know what anyone would think of aside from Kevin McCallister.)

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