In case you don’t have enough survival games this month, Sons of the Forest leaves early access next week (and it’s getting raccoons)

I’ve heard of opening a can of whup-ass, but 2024 has opened up a can of survival-ass. Does that even make sense? Sorry, I’ve been up late every night this week playing a survival game and I can’t really tell.

We’re only in February and it’s already been a massive year for survival, first with record-setting critter-catcher Palworld and then with smash-hit open world RPG Enshrouded barely a week later. Now we’re looking down the barrel at three more survival games all arriving next week: co-op Victorian gaslamp fantasy Nightingale, singleplayer driving survival game Pacific Drive, and the 1.0 launch of last year’s tremendous survival hit Sons of the Forest. Yep. All next week.

Here’s the Sons of the Forest 1.0 trailer courtesy of IGN:

What’s new? Well, raccoons for one, which you can see scurrying in the titular forest and scampering up trees. It also looks like there are several new spooky areas to explore, what appears to be at least one new multi-limbed monster, jump-pads so you can launch hang gliders from the ground, and GPS for gold carts. 

We’ll also see more of Timmy, a character from the original (The Forest), as Endnight Games promises to “expand his role in the game and story.” Sons of the Forest 1.0 releases on February 22.

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