Helldivers 2 starts recruiting more devs for the war effort after its galactic success, aims to ‘accelerate and beef up [its] content plans’

Helldivers 2, a solid third-person co-op shooter about blasting bugs, has been doing damn well for itself—too well, in fact, slamming right into the ceiling of Steam’s global top sellers chart like a kid who didn’t expect mentos to mix with coke quite so explosively. As a result, there have been some hefty server and performance issues

Though given the game’s positive reception, none of that’s been enough to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. Players are downright patriotic for Helldivers. As a direct result of the game’s success, its studio Arrowhead has begun a recruitment drive for more devs—that’s according to its CEO Johan Pilestedt on Twitter.

“With the success of @helldivers2, we are going to start looking for more amazing developers that can help us accelerate and beef up our content plans,” Pilestedt writes. “Jobs will be going up soon, but if you are a senior dev there’s always the ‘open application’. Enlist today with @ArrowheadGS.”

As if that wasn’t confirmation enough, when one player noted that the studio was “suffering from success” earlier this week, Pilestedt wrote: “Indeed. I mean… so much… It is lovely seeing so many people have so much fun, and we are hellbent on making this the best co-op game of all time.”

According to the studio’s website, Arrowhead is currently looking for programmers, engineers, a production director, an orbital laser and demolitions expert, and a monetization designer. Okay, I made one of those up—but there’s certainly a thirst for talent. While “monetization designer” might give players pause, Pilestedt seems pretty adamant on Helldivers 2 avoiding the predatory FOMO-driven nonsense of other live-service games. As Pilestedt notes, there’s also an open application form.

While there is such a thing as “suffering from success”, it’s nice to see a studio taking a proactive attitude towards shoring things up—with transparent updates from the people in charge. Besides, more support for Helldivers 2 hopefully means more updates for a game that clearly deserves the praise.

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