All of Twinfinite’s Infinite Craft First Discoveries

You can’t go anywhere without seeing Infinite Craft right now. The premise of this browser game is simple: drag two elements together to (hopefully) create a new product. Pretty much anything your imagination can muster up can be crafted in the game, but sometimes you may stumble upon a creation nobody has ever found before. Here are all of Twinfinite’s Infinite Craft first discoveries.

All Infinite Craft First Discoveries from the Twinfinite Team

Infinite Craft NameItems CombinedAqua MyrtleAquaman + Moaning MyrtleMecha Aqua MyrtleMecha Abominable Snowman + Aqua MyrtleMecha FrogwartsMecha Abominable Snowman + FrogwartsRadioactive Kanye WestRadioactive Ghost + Kanye WestRoboVoldemortRobot + VoldemortRobo FrogwartsMecha Frogwarts + RobomusFufflebotHufflebot + FrogbotKing JohnnieKing John + AlcoholicSmog Kart 8 DeluxeSmog Kart 8 + TeabaggingSuper S’morkmanS’morkman + Super Mario BrosDark HugmanHugman + Dark Phoenix

How to Find First Discoveries in Infinite Craft

Image Source: Neal.Fun via Twinfinite

The only way to land an elusive first discovery in Infinite Craft is to be the first one to put two completely random components together. It may sound difficult given just how many components there are to work into one another, but it can be quite straightforward.

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