Deus Ex seems deader than ever as Adam Jensen actor reveals Eidos asked him years ago ‘to stop talking about Adam Jensen’

It hurts to say it, but Deus Ex seems deader than Beth DuClare right now. While I hope the once and future king of immersive sims won’t stay down for long, the layoffs at Eidos Montreal and cancellation of an upcoming DX project have made the series’ future seem bleaker than ever. But according to Elias Toufexis—the instantly recognisable voice of Human Revolution and Mankind Divided protagonist Adam Jensen—things have been bleak for years now.

Toufexis has already bid farewell to Jensen, but in a chat with PCGamesN he revealed that he hadn’t heard any official news from Eidos about the character or his games since 2016. “Everything I heard past 2016 was unofficial,” said Toufexis, noting that Eidos “didn’t even throw an audition my way” when the studio began work on Guardians of the Galaxy. “They don’t tell me shit. Everything I’ve heard is from friends off the record, and it ain’t much.”

The closest Toufexis got to hearing from Eidos about Jensen was back in 2020, when he says the studio got in touch to ask him to talk less about the character. “They called me to ask me to stop talking about Adam Jensen in interviews and podcasts because they wanted people to focus on other things from the studio,” said Toufexis, “which really shows how popular Jensen is, or was anyway.”

Since then? Zip. Zilch. Nada. Which sadly tracks with Toufexis’ comments from when the Eidos layoffs were announced. Back then, the actor said that the cancelled game probably “wasn’t a Jensen story anyway,” since the studio hadn’t been in touch with him about the project at all.

So we’ll probably never get to know how Jensen’s story would have ended, which is honestly a real shame. Mankind Divided set up some real weird plot threads his story could have pursued that will probably dangle forever now. Still, Toufexis has his own ideas about how the story would have gone: “I would probably have wanted him to actually die in the end. He’d have to, right?” said the actor, adding that “I was really looking forward to seeing how they connected the story with the first Deus Ex game and JC Denton.” You and me both, Elias. You and me both.

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