Top 5 Odd Pal Breeds That Don’t Make Any Sense in Palworld

Every Palworld breeder knows how well the breeding system works, considering all the helpful traits that can be passed down to the next generation. However, this method is far from perfect, especially with the bizarre, downright confusing offspring combinations. So, to continue on this madness, here’s our picks of odd Pal breeds that don’t make any sense in Palworld.

Kitsun From Robinquill & Bushi

Image Source: Pocketpair via Paldex

Reddit user guineamasterlove was among the first to bring this odd breed concept to my attention. Using their example, we learn that Robinquill and Bushi, both of which share human-like features, somehow make the dog Kistun. Even though both stand on two feet, their offspring stands on all fours.

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