After 100 Hours, Palworld Players Have Found an Incredible Time-Saving Shortcut

It is an interesting mixture of frustrating and funny when you discover something new about a game you’ve been playing for hours. Every Palworld player knows what it is like having to stand at your Repair Bench and spend precious minutes fixing each damaged item. But what if we told you there is a better way?

Palworld Time-Saving Shortcut Discovered

Palworld is still in its early days so we may be forgiven for not being experts and still unearthing quirks and time-saving features. One Reddit user has unearthed a shortcut that has many others amazed and slightly annoyed they hadn’t discovered it earlier. U/Weebsaika posted a screenshot of their discovery on Reddit recently saying, “Yeah so after more than 100 hours… I realize I can repair all by pressing R while using the Repair Bench…”

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