The Elder Scrolls Online Companions Ranked (Necrom)

NPC companions are one of The Elder Scrolls Online’s best additions over the years. These helpful AI-controlled pals all feature unique dialogue, voiceovers, and quests. However, not every companion is made equal. Here are The Elder Scrolls Online companions, ranked.

6. Mirri Elendis

Image Source: Zenimax Online Studios

Mirri was actually my first companion when I chose to start playing ESO again. Unfortunately, I had no idea she was one of the least capable companions. As a Dark Elf Nightblade, Mirri excels at dealing magical damage and even has a powerful execute that can be used on enemies under 25%. She also has a pretty interesting ultimate that makes an enemy take 20% more damage for 3 seconds before she deals massive damage to them. Sadly, there isn’t much else in her kit that lets her do more, or be more than a damage dealer.

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