Enshrouded vs Valheim: Which is the Better Survival Crafting Game?

Both of these survival crafting games have about as much in common as they do differences. That’s also on top of how Valheim has had almost three year’s worth of updates compared to Enshrouded’s nearing Early Access launch. So, Enshrouded vs Valheim: which is the better survival crafting game? Let’s get into it right now.


Image Source: Iron Gate Studio

Valheim is the veteran survival crafting game of the two with its own early access release landing on Feb 2nd almost three years ago. That said, even when the game first launched, it started out strong. Strong enough to earn itself over 100,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews in the first month of its launch. The game is a mix of low poly Norse mythology mixed with advanced lighting and shadowing, while wrapped in a package of splendid art design.

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