The Elder Scrolls Online Best Classes Tier List

The Elder Scrolls Online features seven different classes, with each class having its own theme and gameplay identity. However, some classes allow for a solo play better than others, and you may find this subjective list helpful as ESO rolls into 2024. So, today, we’re exploring The Elder Scrolls Online best solo classes tier list.

S Tier

Image Source: Zenimax Online Studios

Magicka Templar

As the first S tier class on this list, the Magicka Templar holds one of the top spots for solo play for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is simply because the Magicka Templar has Magicka skill morphs like ‘Puncturing Sweep’ that heals for 33% of the damage done with the ability. That’s not your only Magicka ability that heals you while dealing damage, because the ‘Radiant Glory’ skill also heals for 20% of the damage inflicted. All while others like ‘Purifying Light’ allows for massive damage while healing you after its main effect ends after 6 seconds.

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