How To Fix The Jetpack Not Working in Lethal Company

How do you fix the jetpack in Lethal Company after it stops working?

Among Us may be far from its peak popularity, but a new sci-fi horror game has been stealing the show with Zeekerss’ Lethal Company.

In Lethal Company, players are divided into four groups and sent off to random planets to gather scrap for a sci-fi junk company. Though that seems pretty simple as a premise, each random place you are sent to is filled with all kinds of dangerous monsters—all with different ways to distract you from doing your job and reaching the company quota.

The creatures in the game could range from any kind, from straight-up monsters that will chase you to harmless scrappers who are fine on their own but become an overwhelming problem when they start to gather in groups.

 Lethal Company may not have AAA-level graphics, but the online community has commended it for its fun gameplay loop, and players have been posting up all the various shenanigans they have been getting into just running away from monsters and being forced to choose between meeting the quota or saving a teammate.

In the game, players are given some tools that will all help with the junk-gathering process; some are as simple as a flashlight, but since this is a sci-fi world, you can expect gadgets like a jetpack.

Though some have been using a jetpack to help get their quotas done, some players have been reporting that they’re having a problem making it work. Some players will even charge a jetpack they found, but it won’t run anymore.

So, is there a fix for this problem?

What is a Jetpack in Lethal Company?

A Jetpack is just one of several tools that you can use in the game to make the junk-gathering process easier. As you can expect, the jetpack allows you to move great distances and heights easily, but the trick is that it’s pretty complicated to use, and some players can end up hurting themselves if they overheat the jetpack or poorly land from a great height.

Not only can a jetpack help you bring smaller items to your ship faster, but it can also help you distract whatever monster your team finds in their way, and they can gather more junk while a creature tries to chase you with your jetpack on.

What are the Reasons a Jetpack won’t Work?

For the sake of not making the jetpack too overpowered of an item, it does come with its limitations in the game, which will stop players from abusing it. Admittedly, there are multiple reasons why a jetpack won’t work on a player.

The reasons that a jetpack won’t work are as follows:

Overheating – This is the easiest error to overlook when using the jetpack since there are no visible indicators of whether the item is overheating on your HUD. It’s suggested that you make it a habit to pump the gas a little when using the jetpack to save it from overheating and eventually exploding,

This is the battery indicator in Lethal Company via: Wurps [on the lethal company grind]/Youtube

Low Battery – The game may not tell if the pack is overheating, but it can tell you where the battery is in the game. Prolonged use of the jetpack will eventually drain the battery, but a station in the ship will allow you to charge it and keep using it on the mission.

Heavy Cargo – Though you can carry some items with a jetpack, you can only carry a certain weight; that’s why you’re only allowed to carry three small items along with you on the jetpack. If the item you’re carrying is too heavy, the jetpack won’t be able to lift from the ground.

It’s recommended that you move small items first with the jetpack and then move on to carrying the heavier items on foot.

How Can You Repair Your Jetpack?

Just like there are many reasons that a jetpack won’t work on a player, there are also multiple fixes that you can do to repair it. The first thing you have to do is assess the reason why your jetpack won’t work and proceed with the specific fixes.

Charge the Jetpack – If the jetpack is low on battery, you can always take it back to the ship and charge the battery so you can use it again for the mission.

Watch Out for Overheating – Overheating is the easiest problem to overlook when using the jetpack since it doesn’t show in the player’s HUD. It may take a few practice runs, but once you master the thrusters on the jetpack, you’ll know exactly when to give it juice and avoid having it blow up during use.

Buy a New Jetpack – If worse comes to worse, you can always just go back to the ship’s store and buy a new jetpack to be sent down to your team. A new pack will cost players 700c, but it will give you a fresh new item without any of the issues of your previous jetpack.

Some players have noted that they have the experience where they charge the pack, and it still won’t work; this is because once the pack explodes from being overheated or crashed, the jetpack will be broken, and there won’t be any chance to fix it.

The best thing that players can do is just buy a new jetpack. Depending on how they will reach the quota, they should be able to make sure that the 700c for a new pack will be worth it.

So far, these are the only fixes available until someone comes up with a new mod for jetpacks or the developers decide to add a new mechanic.

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