Enshrouded player discovers the best way to fly isn’t using a glider, it’s using a bed

Enshrouded sleepflying trick”

There are a few ways to get around in survival RPG Enshrouded. Running, obviously, and using your grappling hook to yank yourself across broken bridges and chasms. There’s also plenty of fast travel between ancient spires, your bases, and any flame altars you’ve placed in the world. Best of all you can leap off something tall and use a glider to soar across the landscape until you run out of stamina.

But have you considered… just going to sleep instead? One Enshrouded player has discovered a glitch that means jumping into your bed actually sends you floating into the air and across the sky for as long as you want, all while expending zero effort.

You can fly to any point on the map using a single bed from r/Enshrouded

In the Reddit post above, RoboticUnicorn lays out how the glitch was discovered. First it seemed to be a combination of trying to snag a hard-to-reach grappling spot located directly above a bed in a tower. But after some more investigation and testing, RoboticUnicorn discovered that grappling had nothing to do with it. It’s all about the bed, baby.

By leaping over a bed, and activating the sleep prompt (E) just when you’re at the highest point in your leap, your character will lie down as if they’re going to sleep. Instead, they’ll slowly drift upward. If your bed is outside, sky’s the limit. You’ll drift slowly upwards while in the reclining position. When you’re as high up as you want, just tap the spacebar to start gliding and aim for a spot on the ground you’d like to reach. Just keep an eye on your stamina: if it runs out, you’ll plummet.

I gave this glitch a try myself, and sure enough, it works and it’s really easy to get the hang of. With a bit of practice you can even angle your sleep-flight so instead of going straight up you’ll drift in the direction you were moving when you jumped. This means you can reach new areas of the map by sleep-flying over obstructions like deadly shroud zones and rivers of lava.

On my last try I let myself drift for so long I was able to reach nearly the middle portion of the map, and then glide down to land in an area I hadn’t explored yet. Neat! And, y’know, a major cheat. I expect an exploit like this will get patched out pretty quick, so if you want to try it yourself, you’d better jump into bed as fast as you can.

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