5 Things Palworld Does Great & 5 Things That Still Need Work

Palworld’s early-access release has been a widespread success with over six million downloads on Steam so far, but there’s still plenty to be fixed and added. The game is certainly deserving of praise, however there’s also work that should be done, so here are five things Palworld got right and five things that still need work.

5 Great Things About Palworld

You Can Sort the Inventory

Image Source: Pocketpair via Twinfinite

When it comes down to games where you’re inevitably going to be inundated with loot, one of the most frustrating things to have to do is sort through your inventory and chests. While it’s nice to be able to manually set things where you want them to be be in your hotbar, having to do it manually can add such a drag to the feeling of the gameplay.

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