The best ways to make money in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Making money in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is surprisingly tough—somewhat ironic considering the name of the game. Poor Ichiban Kasuga finds himself stranded in Hawaii with nothing but the clothes on his back, but there are plenty of ways for an enterprising ex-yakuza with a sunny disposition to get some cash. 

Whether it’s scavenging dumpsters for junk to sell, beating up baddies on the streets, or taking part in the infamous underground Sujimon fighting scene. Either way, here are the best ways to make money in Infinite Wealth, so you can live the high life in Hawaii.

Get the Lucky Money Charm

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The first and most important step to make money in Infinite Wealth is getting your hands on the Lucky Money Charm. You can earn this once you unlock the Fortune Exchange as part of the main story in Hawaii. It’ll see you collecting fortune slips around the city to earn points, which you can then use with Kamulop at the shrine to purchase special items. 

You need to buy the Tranquility Bat, Flame Amulet, Rime Amulet, and Raiden Amulet before the Lucky Money Charm becomes available, meaning you’ll need 40 points worth of fortune slips overall. Once you equip the charm, it grants a base percentage increase to the amount of money you earn from each battle, including those big reward boss battles as part of the main story. Considering the number of battles you fight in Infinite Wealth, the sooner you grab this talisman, the more it’ll pay off in the long run.

Find and defeat Keepers of the City

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Outside of the main story, the most lucrative battles you can find are the Keepers of the City. These mini bosses appear as enemies with crowns above their heads, and each one represents a unique little battle to overcome. For every Keeper of the City you defeat, you’ll earn $70—or $92 if you have the Lucky Money Charm equipped—making it a lucrative early game method to get cash. Just make sure to fight these in level appropriate areas instead of punching above your weight.

Collect Sujimon and fight trainer battles

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There’s no real reason to fight regular battles in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, but taking part in Sujimon Raids is far more lucrative. These events require you to fight a battle that’ll reward you with cash as per usual, but they’ll also give you a further Sujimon to collect. As you level and evolve your Sujimon, you can battle trainers around the city, and the cash rewards get pretty absurd at the highest levels.

Gold trainers reward you with $500 for a victory, while platinum trainers give a whopping $1,000. Of course, it’ll take a while to collect and level your Sujimon, but you’ll be earning money as you do either way. You unlock Sujimon when you visit the Anaconda Mall as part of the main story.

Do Scavenger Hunts and sell your spare stuff

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You can scavenge items from dumpsters, vending machines, and parked cars while running around Honolulu, along with the usual items in briefcases that you can pick up, and the occasional safe to unlock once you earn a key from a Keeper of the City. A lot of these items are just plain old junk that you can sell at the Treasure Select Pawn shops, but you’ll also find spare gear and weapons that you can exchange for cash, as well as the occasional valuable item.

Don’t pay for consumables when you can find or make them

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This is more of a money saving tip, but there’s very little point in buying healing items or consumables in Infinite Wealth when you can find them all over the city, and make them yourself at Revolve Bar, Kau Wela Market, or the Aloha Beach Juicery. You can harvest ingredients such as herbs from bushes and fruit like coconuts and bananas by finding palm trees to bash.

Forget the Street Surfer—explore the city on foot or use a taxi

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Another money saving tip; though it’s fun to ride around Hawaii on the segway Street Surfer vehicle you get, it’s an absolute rip-off to recharge, plus you have to constantly climb on and off to wave at people for Aloha Links or to collect items. Your best bet is exploring the city on foot so you can grab items and make friends, or using a taxi if you need to fast travel. If you want to get even more frugal, hop on one of the trolley buses and ride that to your destination—you can still use these to fast travel; just talk to the driver to teleport straight to the next stop.

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