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If you’re already quite far into Palworld, you’re likely on the hunt for a decent coal farming spot. Once you build the Improved Furnace at level 34, you can combine regular old ingots and coal to create Refined Ingots; a material used to craft fancy guns and Pal gear, plus advanced tools and buildings.

You’ll want a steady supply of coal to fuel your ever-increasing production demands. Even if you’re high-level, you might also be trying to figure out the strange and elaborate process of Palworld breeding. Either way, here’s where you can find coal in Palworld, plus the best coal farming spot for all your Refined Ingot needs.

Where to find coal in Palworld

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You can find coal in the Sand Dunes region (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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The entrance to the desert is to the north of Verdant Brook (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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You can also sometimes find coal in the Frostbound Mountains (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

The region in which you can find the most coal is the Sand Dunes in the north of the map. Be sure to craft a Tropical Outfit or Heat Resistant Pelt Armour to cope with the temperature before you head there. It’s easy to get to the Sand Dunes once you have a mount—simply travel north from the Windswept Hills into Verdant Brook, then to the northern tip of that island. 

Across the water you’ll spy a fast travel point and the entrance to the desert. While exploring this area it’s easy to spot black coal nodes scattered all over that you can mine, and you’ll often find coal lying around in the sand. There’s also some coal in the Frostbound Mountains—specifically quite close to the Free Pal Alliance Tower—plus you can occasionally see some in Verdant Brook in certain specific locations.

The best way to farm coal in Palworld

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The best coal farm is on a mountain near the centre of the Verdant Brook (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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Fly east from the Sealed Realm of the Guardian to spot the mountain (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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You’ll find six coal nodes to mine on top of it (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

The best Palworld coal farming spot is in the centre of the Verdant Brook area on top of a mountain. It’s easily accessible once you have a flying Palworld mount, which you should already have if you’re level 34 and want to craft Refined Ingots for advanced tools. Simply warp to the Sealed Realm of the Guardian fast travel point, then fly east out of the crater to immediately spot a small mountain—you’ll know you’re flying the right way if you can see the Tower of the Free Alliance and some waterfalls on your left. 

Up on the peak, you’ll find six coal nodes you can mine, plus plenty of ore as well. If you don’t straight up decide to build a base nearby, I’d recommend upgrading your carrying capacity by having a full team of Cattiva in your party—except for your flying mount—since their passive skill that buffs carry capacity stacks. Fill up on all the coal you can, then fly back to the fast travel and return to base. Remember; coal and ore nodes respawn after a while, so be sure to return later when you need more.

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