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Though breeding Pals in Palworld is a lengthy and expensive process, it’s a worthwhile investment if you want a steady source of eggs to hatch. Sure, you can find eggs out in the world, but doing it yourself lets you decide the ideal breeding combination in terms of valuable traits you want to retain. 

It’s certainly a process of trial and error, but selectively breeding your rarest and most valuable Pals allows you to combine work suitabilities with the right traits, create the perfect speedy Palworld mount, or even Pals that are super powerful in combat. Since acquiring new Pals provides XP, it can also be a way to steadily level up even when hanging out at your base. With all that said, here’s how to breed Pals in Palworld.

How to breed Pals

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You’ll need to unlock and build the breeding farm (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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You’ll also need the cooking pot to make a cake (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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Plus the wheat plantation and mill to make flour (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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Mozzarina will produce milk on the ranch (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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Beegarde will make honey (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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Store your ingredients in a cooler box so they last longer (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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Cakes take a while to make even with a good kindling Pal (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

Before you’re ready to breed your Pals in Palworld, you need to do two main things:

Research and build the breeding farmBake a cake

These both require a fair bit of work, especially if you want your breeding farm to run like clockwork. First off, you can research the breeding farm at level 19, but it doesn’t require any difficult materials. Make sure you build it in a nice open area that doesn’t clip into anything, since otherwise Pals can get confused and leave mid-process.

The next step is baking that cake. You’ll need to research and construct the cooking pot at level 17, as well as the mill and wheat plantation at level 15. Ideally, you’ll also have at least one ranch so you can get a steady flow of the necessary ingredients: 

Five flourEight red berriesSeven milkEight eggsTwo honey

While you can get all of these ingredients by catching or killing Pals, it’s easier to produce them in-base. For the ideal ingredient farm, you’ll want to build a ranch and then capture and assign Chikipee, Mozzarina, and Beegarde to produce eggs, milk, and honey respectively. Make sure your wheat plantation—and any red berry plantations you already have—are being worked, too, so you can process wheat into flour at the mill

I’d also suggest that you research and build the cooler box at level 12 near the ranch to store the ingredients, increase how long they last, and prevent them from landing in the feed box and getting eaten by other Pals. Sweepa is one of the best Pals for cooling, but Pengullet or Chillet will also do.

Finally, you’re ready to make your cake at the cooking pot. Since it takes a long time, it’s better to use a Pal with better kindling like Arsox. Once done, take the cake and place it in the box at the breeding farm—one cake will make one egg, hence why it’s important to choose your breeding Pals wisely.

How to decide Palworld breeding combinations

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Once the male and female Pals are assigned, the progress wheel will slowly build (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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An egg won’t be produced on the farm until there’s a cake available in the box (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

The first step in choosing Pals to breed is determining whether they’re male or female—you can do this when you inspect them via the gender symbol next to their name. It’s best to choose either Lucky Pals, Alpha Pals, or your rarest Pals, since these often seem to produce huge eggs and better offspring. 

You should also pick Pals with rare or valuable traits, represented by the ones listed with three gold chevrons. There is a chance that these will be passed onto any descendants, allowing you to eventually breed your perfect trait combo for a Pal through trial and error.

Once you’re ready to get your Pals breeding, simply:

Assign them to your basePick them up one by one with F and place them in the breeding farmMake sure there’s a cake in the boxAn egg will be produced once the progress wheel fillsPlace your egg in the incubator to hatch it

Pals don’t require a cake in order to fill the breeding progress wheel—it’ll simply stay full until a cake is available. Cakes take significantly longer to make than breeding does, though, so you’ll want to have one ready whenever possible. 

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