How to find Palworld kindling and other work suitabilities

If you’re trying to figure out how the heck to find kindling in Palworld, what you’re actually looking for is the work suitabilities of your Pals. You’ll likely first encounter the work suitability system when crafting a campfire and see the “requires kindling” notice above it.

Here’s what you need to know about how to find kindling and all the other work suitabilities that your Pals have for tasks around your base.

What is kindling in Palworld?

Kindling isn’t an item that you need to find; it’s an ability that your pals need to possess. You’ll most likely see this for the first time when placing a campfire. You can cook at your campfire on your own without the assistance of a pal, don’t worry. Go ahead and roast some of those berries to eat. Kindling is what’s called a “work suitability” in Palworld. Here’s what that actually means and how to find your first Pals for each type of work:

What is work suitability in Palworld?

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All of your Pals will have certain work suitabilities that determine which chores they’re able to perform around your base. Some can water crops, others can chop trees, and so on. Most of these chores you can also do yourself, but assigning Pals to your base with the proper work suitability means they’ll either help you complete them faster or do them autonomously for you.

You’ll need a variety of Pals assigned to work at your base if you want to have an automated setup generating food and resources. You can see each Pal’s work suitabilities in game by clicking on them in your Party menu or pressing F to view details in your Palbox.

Here are all the types of work suitability, what activity or workstation they’re initially related to, and which are the best pals to catch early on for meeting that need.

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