Fastest Ways To Level Up in Palworld

What are the fastest ways to level up in Palworld?

 Nintendo may be getting criticism for playing it too safe with their Pokemon franchise, but Pocket Pair, Inc. is somehow leaving the internet abuzz with their “Pokemon with guns” game called Palworld.

In Palworld, you’re thrust into this massive fantasy land where you must fight and catch these creatures called “Pals.” Not only does each Pal come with their respective element category, you also use these “Palspheres”—not Pokeballs—to catch them.

With the basic gameplay loop and character design unmistakable from the Pokemon formula, fans wonder how Nintendo still hasn’t sued Pocket Pair for their clear ripoff. Still, the game manages to set itself apart from the sheer amount of gameplay options you can do in Palworld.

Palworld is copying of the Pokemon formula and several other games, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Vanheim, blending all the different game elements into one title. Not only do you get to go around collecting all these different kinds of Pals, but you can also build your fort and farm all kinds of products with the help of your Pal companions.  

Not only can you farm, but the game also encourages you to craft all these tools, all of which can be used to further your Pal-catching journey.

Leveling System

Like any other game with a leveling system, early levels of the game will allow you to level up much faster and easier to get you used to the gameplay loop.

You’ll level up when you fight and catch pals, but you’ll also gain some experience when you keep improving your fort and the rest of your base.

Once you get to a couple of dozen levels up, though, the game will admittedly slow down the leveling-up process, so many fans question, “How do you level up faster in Palworld?”

What Are The Fastest Ways To Level Up in Palworld?

While the game gives players experience for doing all kinds of tasks in Palworld, building your XP solely depends on the very core element of the game, which is catching Pals.

You will always gain a massive XP boost whenever you catch a specific kind of Pal for the first time, but catching one isn’t enough. A counter in the game will count until you catch ten kinds of a Pal, and when you do, you will be rewarded with a massive experience boost.

It’s recommended that you farm these Pals early in the game, as you will find an abundance of Pals who are all pretty easy to catch—this way, you can save up on Pal Spheres instead of using them all up to catch more high-level monsters.

Other Tips

Night Hunt – You should look for Pals at night, specifically the skittish Pals. The Pals would be asleep at night, so you wouldn’t need to fight as hard if they were up during the day.

Egg Incubation – Though the game is focused on making you hunt for Pals in the world, defeating your first Syndicate Tower will reward you with your first Egg Incubator. The incubator will allow you to grow different kinds of Pals, all of which also have their own “catch 10” counter, and with each type you successfully incubate, you can also hope to gain more XP.

Looking Ahead

Palworld’s status is still Early Access, so the game is pretty much just the base gameplay loop with players invited to build their forts and hunt all around for Pals.

With the massive world that the game presents, there is a lot of room for story missions, and maybe those can be a good source of XP once they get added to the game.

Let’s just hope Nintendo hasn’t found a way to sue the developers by then.

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