How to Beat Ready or Not’s Hard AI

Ready or Not’s, many players claim Hard AI to be extremely difficult to beat. Learn the different strategies to conquer the game’s Hard AI difficulty.

Ready or Not is among the latest video games in 2023 and has garnered fame since its release. Players are tasked to protect the fictional city of Los Sueños, California, as they deal with all sorts of crime.

When the game first came out as an early access on Steam back on December 17, 2021, many players praised the game for its atmosphere and gameplay, with some noting its similarities to the SWAT series created by Sierra Entertainment.

However, the game’s AI difficulty has players talking, as many have found it quite challenging due to the AI’s intense precision and aggression. And with the recent update, these AIs became almost impossible to deal with, leaving a lot of players dissatisfied. This article will tackle what strategies will work against the hardest AI difficulty in Ready or Not.

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How to Beat Ready or Not’s Hard AI

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AI enemies spawn all over the map in Ready or Not and act as tough obstacles players must conquer to progress in the game. Although some players enjoy competing against challenging foes, others claim it is unfair, especially for large maps such as the Brisa and the Postal Office.

Most players want the AI enemies to be toned down to a more realistic level and become slightly less intense to fight against. Players want these enemies balanced out between being fair and being challenging so that everyone would have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Understanding Ready or Not’s Gameplay

The entire plot of Ready or Not revolves around players taking on the role of David “Judge” Beaumont, the leader of a police SWAT team fighting against criminals in the made-up city of Los Sueños, California.

Since the game is about being realistic, just a few shots will mean either your demise or your opponent’s, so it is important to plan each step carefully. As the head of a police tactical unit, you are given an arsenal of weapons.

You can customize your weapons with a wide selection of sights, suppressors, and other attachments. You also have an array of grenades, ballistic shields, fiber scopes, and breaching devices.

Since you are part of a police unit, choosing to apprehend suspects rather than kill them is greatly encouraged. For this reason, you are given a variety of non-lethal weapons, such as tasers, pepper spray, and riot guns, and are awarded more points for keeping suspects alive.

How to Beat Hard AI Enemies in Ready or Not?

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You must first test a couple of strategies to take down the AI enemies in difficult maps in Ready or Not. You can start by exploring the different ways you can alter the game or directly affect how to make these AI enemies act more diverse.

You can also try experimenting with different mods, such as the No Crack For AI mod, to tone down the difficulty of the enemies’ skills. Some modes offer better gaming experiences for players since they make the AI a little less perfect, such as being less accurate at shooting—thus becoming more manageable to fight against.

One thing to note is that you gain more points if you arrest the bad guys by handcuffing them rather than taking their lives. With this in mind, take the AI enemies out of commission by handcuffing as many of them as possible.

Some of these enemies might play a little unfair and pretend to be dead to catch you off guard. So you need to do everything you can to level the playing field and make the game playable and fair for you.

And that’s all there is to know about how to beat the Hard AI enemies in Ready or Not. Be sure to check out our other guides and walkthroughs in Ready or Not:

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