Get a retired cop back in service for her only unsolved case in this point-and-click detective adventure

A compelling new detective text adventure set in Korea challenges you do fit together memories and elements of a mystery like they’re puzzle pieces as a rookie police officer brings a veteran out of retirement for the only case she left cold. The result is No Case Should Remain Unsolved, a compellingly animated, quite intriguing bit of indie interactive fiction by developer Somi.

No Case Should Remain Unsolved revolves around the story of Seowon, a girl who goes missing from a playground in 2012 and whose case is never solved. It has a pretty compelling tagline, or at least I think so as a writer, spoken by the Senior Inspector, Jeon Gyeong: “I remember how surprised I was when I first saw this case. Everyone involved was lying, for one reason or another.”

No Case Should Remain Unsolved is doing pretty well on Steam, where it has picked up 553 reviews, 97% positive, since it released on January 17. 

You may remember developer Somi from Replica, a detective investigation bit of interactive fiction played entirely from the perspective of a cellphone and social media accounts—but they’re not yours, and you’re looking for evidence of terrorist activity.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of No Case Should Remain Unsolved is how you move speakers, places, and elements of conversations around to figure out and needle away at the real story of 12-year-old Seowon’s disappearance.

You can find No Case Should Remain Unsolved on Steam, where it’s $7.

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