Best House Flipper 2 Mods To Play

House Flipper 2 is a fun enough game, but what mods does it have that could make it even better?

Developer Empyrean had received rave reviews for their house cleaning/redecorating simulator House Flipper, and many fans were excited when they released the sequel House Flipper 2 in December 2023.

In House Flipper 2, you take on the role of a one-person renovation crew, and you will be brought to the town of Pinnacove, where there will be all kinds of flipping assignments for you to do, including flipping over run-down houses and doing some deep cleans of huge messes.

The game allows you to do everything you can when redecorating a house. First off, you can do all kinds of cleaning when it comes to the floors and windows, and you can also pick out your paint and wallpaper of choice and apply it to the walls.

Players will also be allowed to tear down any walls or floors that could be in the way and install all kinds of fixtures to make a house a better place when you first find it.

Though the original game received a lot of rave reviews and added a good amount of DLC, the sequel has been considered a little lackluster, lacking all of the improvements players have expected from a sequel.

That being said, some players who just enjoy the game have come up with their mods to try and improve the experience of the game, and here’s a nifty list of some to check out should you want to spice up your gameplay for House Flipper 2.

What are Mods?

Mods are short for “Modifications,” written by independent programmers outside the original development team for other players in the community to install in their games and enjoy.

Some Mods for games are made to enhance the game’s aesthetics by adding new skins and appearances for characters; there are also mods made to enhance gameplay or otherwise “broken” elements that the modders think have been overlooked by the developers.

What are the Best Mods for House Flipper 2?

Regarding House Flipper 2, the mods at the top of the community pages are those of specialized houses that promise a unique mission for players. The top-rated mods for HF2 include uniquely designed houses, as well as houses that are located in very interesting places. There is also the promise of a huge mess to clean up, so flippers can find solutions to fixing them right before they start redecorating the building.

Here are some of the top-rated mods when it comes to House Flipper 2:


Umbra’s Enchanted Abode (by _Umbracon) – Hobbit holes from The Lord of the Rings have been known to be the coziest abodes in all fiction. While the design may be impractical for a real-world setting, this mod brings a hobbit dwelling into the game for players to decorate and turn into their own cozy nest. Wizards and dwarves are not included.


Hidden Hill Hideout (by Lustikurre) – If cozy houses aren’t your thing, this mod promises to challenge players with a fixer-upper of a house. Besides having to clean the house, the author has said that this mod has several secrets for players to find, and the mod has been play-tested to ensure players can complete the level in around an hour. There’s even a letter from the creator for players to find.


Cottagecore Tudor Basement Build (by GiGiGames) – While not as fantastical as a hobbit hole, this home is the ideal location for any cottagecore enthusiast, filled with all kinds of plants and cozy vibes.

This mod will give players specific tasks to renovate a basement and a new master bedroom. There is also a need to add a bathroom and clean up several messes from the previous contractors. It should be an interesting fixer-upper.


Castle Piec (by Piec) – Though the game is all about renovating modern houses, this mod brings you back to medieval times with an entire castle that you will be able to flip. Complete with stone walls and rooms made of wood, you will have an entire fortress in the forest for you to modify and add, whichever you wish.

Fingers crossed, the developers develop a dragon mod somewhere down the line.


Foresters Lodge (by s_zapreva) – If a castle isn’t up to your speed with this home simulator, you may want a more modern-feeling forest lodge. This home is incredibly roomy and comes with several glass walls and windows so you can see all the forestry surrounding the building.

This place should have a trophy room and a stock room to keep all your hunting and woodworking gear.


Italian Dream – Unfurnished (by ipenkguvenk) – This building straight out of The Godfather is said to be going for “luxurious but cozy,” and you can see it in the stone walls being embraced by all the vegetation. The house does come unfurnished, so it will be up to you whether you want to keep making it feel like an old Italian house or whether you want to bring the interior into a more modern era.


Shipping Container Home (by BigStepperGoon) – There have been articles written about homes made out of shipping containers that can be produced cheaply, but the design of this home looks to take the concept and try to modernize it. The building may be two rectangles stuck together, but everything feels luxurious, from the massive glass walls to the outdoor furniture.

There are multiple shipping container home mods, but this one is the highest-rated.


Beachstyle holiday home/Ferienhaus (by gurkensalat.mods) – So far, multiple homes in the list have been located in a forest, but this new home embraces what it’s like to be located by a beach. You will be called over in this mod, and you have to clean up after a huge party.

Besides cleaning, you will also be allowed to renovate the house, and if that’s not enough for you, you can also tinker with the basement building next door.


Victorian Manor (by EllKnowltyy) – The game does have its fair share of larger houses. Still, this Victorian Manor promises to bring you back a few hundred years when the furniture looks gothic, and the house is covered in old-timey wallpaper and elegant wood.


Pink Pine Paradise (by TanyaC) – Though a lot of the houses in the mod community are designed to house actual people, this mod of a pink mansion is said to resemble that of a dollhouse. The mod does come with a lot of tasks for the players to do, a lot of which include cleaning up the mansion and doing some repairs.

Either way, this is probably the closest a house can get in the game to look like something from a Wes Anderson movie.

Looking Toward the Future

Take note: it’s very likely that more mods could be coming to House Flipper 2 in the future. With many players claiming that the sequel seems pretty bare compared to what’s come before with DLC, it does seem that the developers are planning on adding even more DLC and microtransactions down the line.

With all the improvements that have been added to the first game since it launched, there’s no other way to go but up when it comes to the quality of add-ons House Flipper 2 can include down the line.

It may not be something that many players are happy about. Still, it should add to the game’s longevity moving forward, promising more flipping opportunities and options in the future.

In the meantime, you can check out more House Flipper 2 mods now available on

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