Ten years ago I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me League of Legends would one day have a bafflingly adorable ‘crafting RPG’ spinoff

For me, League of Legends “ended” somewhere around 2015 when I realized ranked play was just making me upset and that there were other games I wanted to spend my time on. Whenever I’m periodically reminded that the game’s still bigger than god and transforming in unrecognizable ways I get the same sense of vertigo as when I hear that Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air⁠—sans the Grey. Enter Bandle Tale, a cutesy pixel art “crafting RPG” spinoff for the immortal MOBA that releases next month.

We previously covered Bandle Tale’s announcement in September, but the RPG just got a new trailer with a release date of February 21. I’m still not entirely sure what its whole deal is⁠—it definitely has that Stardew twang with its pixel art, cultivation mechanics, and developer Lazy Bear Games’ history on Graveyard Keeper, but it also looks like Bandle Tale tasks you with rectifying some kind of portal calamity in the titular Bandle City, home to League’s Yordle race of funky little hamster guys.

The thing that really gives me pause is Bandle Tale’s pixel art: the environments are just stunning, incredibly rich and detailed with a great sense of depth to the isometric perspective. I can never play League itself ever again, but I wouldn’t mind getting lost in this gorgeous little space hamster city. League’s growing library of spinoffs is impressive all around, with the Arcane Netflix show, Ruined King RPG, and upcoming fighting game all commanding my attention.

Bandle Tale launches February 21 on Steam, GOG, and Epic with a preorder also netting you a nifty hat and some other cosmetic goodies. 

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