How To Get The Red Knight’s Strategem in Baldur’s Gate 3

It’s time to get your hands on The Red Knight’s Strategem in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Red Knight’s Strategem is a Legendary Book that grants a scroll called the Artistry of War. Artistry of War allows you to summon apparitions of six master strategists, each striking enemies for up to 12d6+36 Force damage, making it one of the more powerful evocation spells in the game.

The Artistry of War is an awesome spell you’ll want to add to your character’s bag of tricks in Baldur’s Gate 3. Lucky for you, getting The Red Knight’s Strategem is pretty straightforward, as you will find out in this quick guide.

How to Get the Red Knight’s Final Strategem in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can find The Red Knight’s Final Strategem in the Sorcerous Vault – a sub-area beneath the Sorcerous Sundries. To get to The Red Knight’s Final Strategem, pass a DC 15 Perception Check to find the hidden door and a DC 20 Slight of Hand to open the Display Case holding the book. 

Head to the Sorcerous Sundries and Open the Metal Door

Head to the Lower City Central wall, then go to the Sorcerous Sundries to start your journey. Once inside the Sorcerous Sundries, head for Tolna’s Office on the second floor and look for a small metal door next to the portals. 

You can jump in and lockpick the door as soon as you get to the second floor, but entering forbidden areas is frowned upon by other characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 and can get you arrested.

To unlock the door safely, use an invisibility spell to hide the lockpicker (Astarion) so NPCs cannot see them while doing the deed. The door requires a Sleight of Hand DC 15 roll to Lockpick successfully, which shouldn’t be too difficult. If you don’t get the roll, you can reload your saved file and try again. 

After you’ve entered the door, go to the bookshelf in the corner of the room and interact with the Clasped Book. This will open a portal that leads to the Sorcerous Vault.

How to get to the Sorcerous Vault in Baldur’s Gate 3

Inside the Sorcerous Vault, you’ll find multiple bookshelves on the wall and a blank wall that looks like a secret door. Walk towards the door to perform a DC 15 Perception check and reveal a small button on the right side

Push the button to open the secret door, then enter it. The next room should lead you to The Red Knight’s Final Strategem. 

You cannot walk towards the Display Case holding The Red Knight’s Final Strategem as a pathway is now between the door and the central platform. Use your Jump Skill to get to the platform and gain access to the Display Case. 

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Unlocking The Red Knight’s Final Strategem Display Case in Baldur’s Gate 3

Use must use the Lockpick to unlock the Display Case and acquire The Red Knight’s Final Strategem. The required roll is a relatively high DC 20, so you might want to save your game first to reload your save file if you don’t get the required roll the first time. 

We got a lucky 17 roll here, and thanks to Astarion’s bonuses, we comfortably got a 30 roll to open the Display Case.


Getting The Red Knight’s Final Strategem involves multiple DC checks, a high Perception stat, and some sneaking around forbidden doors. The Perception DC 15 check is particularly important, however, as you’ll need to successfully pass this check to find the button that opens the secret door to the room containing the Red Knight’s Final Strategem.

The good news is you can cheese the Difficulty Class and Perception checks by saving your game before entering the Sorcerous Vault. This way, you can reload your saved file until you pass all the required checks.

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