The phenomenal original Deus Ex, as well as its underappreciated cyberpunk sequel, Invisible War, are on sale now for half the price of a small McDonald’s fries

There’s no doubt that Ion Storm, the studio set up by John Romero and Tom Hall, had its fair share of disappointments when active, the most notable being the high-profile FPS flop Daikatana. But Ion Storm was also the studio that developed the original Deus Ex, one of PC gaming’s most iconic and groundbreaking games.

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Deus Ex was game-changing on release and, even by today’s standards in 2024, the sheer breadth of its systems and the complexity of its level design is remarkable. Yes, today its graphics are almost comically basic, but its immersive gameplay experience remains undulled and as addictive as ever. I know, as I own both Deus Ex and its sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, and have had hours of fun playing both. I consider the original Deus Ex a PC gaming classic, and the second a good-if-not-great cyberpunk RPG experience that’s often underrated.

This is why, when I saw that Deus Ex and its sequel are available to pick up
right now for $0.88/£0.69 at GOG, I thought I would bring it to the PC Gamer community’s attention. If you’re struggling for something to play right now in the January PC gaming doldrums, then you grab hours of top-tier gaming here for, literally, cents. You can check out the full details below.

Deus Ex – Game of the Year Edition | $0.88/£0.69 at GOG (86% off)
The groundbreaking original action RPG lets you slip into the shoes of UNATCO agent JC Denton and embark on a memorable, conspiracy-theory-laden, cyberpunk adventure set in 2052. A landmark game in terms of allowing gamers to play it their way.View Deal

Deus Ex: Invisible War | $0.88/£0.69 at GOG (86% off)
The, in my mind, underappreciated sequel, sees gamers pick up the Deus Ex narrative 20 years after the original game in 2072. Gamers take the role of Alex Denton who must navigate various post-Collapse warring factions, terrorism, and the shadowy, insidious control of the Illuminati.
View Deal

As for how Deus Ex and Invisible War run today, these are GOG releases, so they will work on any gaming PC, running any OS from Windows 7 through to Windows 11. So, yeah, if you’re interested in either then you’ve got no worries in terms of compatibility. GOG releases also allow these retro games to be run at modern framerates and resolutions, so you can expect a greatly upgraded experience from the originals, too.

For even more information on these Deus Ex games, you can check out PC Gamer’s own retrospectives in our thought-provoking Deus Ex reinstall and Deus Ex: Invisible War reinstall.

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