Lost Crown May Not Be the Prince of Persia I Wanted, but It’s the Game I Needed

If there’s one game I had to pick as the staple of my childhood, it would probably be the Prince of Persia series. Considering I wasn’t the best at gaming during my youth, the title made me feel good about my mistakes with its handy rewind abilities. The storyline and gameplay even captivated my attention to the point where I would play it over and over again.

I stood by each passing title in the trilogy, pleading with others to at least try out the rest of the series. But, unfortunately, the Assassin’s Creed takeover put all that to bed, and I still hold a minor grudge to this day. On the bright side, things shaped up with the remake tease and the brand-new entry, The Lost Crown. And I thought, “Could this be it? Could this be the revival of the Prince of Persia franchise?”

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