How to get Pal Fluids in Palworld

Finding Pal Fluids is an important step in building up your base in Palworld. This material will let you construct a Hotspring where your Pals can relax after a tiring day of manual toil, which is vital in maintaining their sanity. If Pal sanity starts to slip, they’ll start acting grumpy, or straight up refuse to work anymore.

Building a Hotspring is also a required step in levelling up your Palbox so you can put more Pals to work in your base. If you’re just starting out in Palworld, you might want to know about the best Pals to grab early on, or how to unlock Palworld mounts so you can get around the map faster. Otherwise, here’s how to get Pal Fluids so you can get that Hotspring built and level your base.

Where to find Pal Fluids

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Pengullets drop Pal Fluids when you beat them (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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You’ll need ten Pal Fluids to build a Hotspring (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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Make sure to capture some Pengullets since they’re great for watering (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

As with most materials in Palworld, you’re going to need to hunt down a specific Pal type in order to harvest it—in this case, you need to kill Water-type Pals. The issue is that there aren’t many Water-types near the starting area. Your best bet is killing as many of the penguin-like Pengullets as you can, since each one drops one vial of Pal Fluids. You’ll need to kill ten in order to get enough to build the Hotspring for your Pals.

Annoyingly, Pengullets are one of the most evasive Pals early on in the game, and they’ll bounce away if you come anywhere near them. Instead, press C to crouch and sneak up on them by avoiding their eyeline. Once you’re actually fighting them, all you’ll need to do is occasionally dodge with CTRL to avoid their Ice Missile attack. Also make sure to capture a couple; they’re the best early watering Pal for your Berry Plantations and can operate the Crusher to turn stone into Paldium Fragments.

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