How To Beat The Spider Level on Ready or Not

Beating the Spider Level in Ready or Not will require patience and wits.

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Ready or Not’s Spider Level is one of the most challenging missions in the campaign, involving the arrest, neutralization, and detention of multiple contacts and the apprehension of the owner of Brixley Talent Time.

In this quick guide, we will walk you through how to beat the Spider Level on Ready or Not.

The Spider-Level Objectives

You must complete three objectives to beat the Spider Level in Ready or Not. For the most part, you must only find all the contacts and detain them through any means necessary to complete the mission. Of course, you’ll have to detain and arrest Brixley Talent Time’s owner.

Bring Order to Chaos

Arrest or neutralize any contact at the scene.

Rescue All of the Civilians

Detain any unarmed contacts at the scene.

Apprehend George Brixley

Apprehend and secure the owner of Brixley Talent Time

The challenge lies in the random nature of enemy spawn points, which means there will be times when you encounter two enemies in one area in one playthrough but find none in the same area on the next mission restart. The randomized enemy locations make it impossible to execute the same strategy twice, and if you’re not careful, enemies can quickly gang up on you and kill you.

How to Beat the Spider Level in Ready or Not

The Spider Level consists of four primary areas – The Street, U4 Convenience Store, The Courtyard, and Brixley Talent Time. As mentioned in the Objectives section above, you must go through each area and find and detain all the contacts using all the tools at your disposal.

You can beat the Spider Level in two ways: Go in slow and steady to get Rank S by the end of the mission, or storm Brixley Talent Time and kill everyone inside. If you’re only looking to complete the mission for progression, running through the main door and killing everyone in Brixley Talent Time will be your best bet. 

Your weapon choice depends on what you want to achieve in the Spider Level. If you aim to finish the mission with an S Rank, you must use a non-lethal weapon such as the PepperBall Gun. Otherwise, pick from our Best Guns in Ready or Not list. 

Beat the Spider Level with Rank S Rating

Start the mission on The Street, where you’re likely to find a single civilian outside one of the tents in the area. The civilian is harmless, so handcuff him and then move on to the U4 Convenience Store. 

The U4 Convenience Store is the next area. You won’t find any enemies or civilians here as the store only serves as a path between The Street and the Courtyard. Make your way through the U4 Convenience and out through the back door to arrive at the Courtyard.

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The Courtyard is where Spider Level begins. Expect to see more than one enemy here, so take it slow as soon as you hit the Courtyard, and make sure you clear every nook and cranny in the area before you detain neutralized enemies. 

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Try to take isolated engagements so enemies can’t gang up on you and take you down. Remember that enemies downed by the PepperBall Gun will eventually recover and try to drop you, so try to detain them as soon as they put their hands up. 

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Once the Courtyard is clear, head up to the rooftop, but be very careful and check every corner before you commit to your peeks. The key is to isolate your engagements so the enemies can’t overwhelm you with gunfire. 

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Head towards the rightmost side of the rooftop, as this side has plenty of cover you can use. Shoot down the first enemy you find to neutralize them, then focus fire on the next enemy if there’s a second one on the rooftop. It might be worth firing more pepper balls at the enemies so they can’t recover faster than you can detain them. 

After you’ve cleared the rooftop, head to the stairs at the back end of the roof. If the coast is clear, head down the stairs and focus on the double doors that lead into the Brixley Talent Time lobby.

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Since you have a gas mask equipped, feel free to use CS Gas if you find multiple enemies in the lobby. The CS Gas should neutralize enemies long enough until you can detain them. Spare one more CS Gas to keep enemies from pushing through the backroom doors so you can safely detain contacts in the lobby.

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With the lobby secured, move on to the backrooms and carefully clear each one. There should be two or more armed suspects here, but none of them are wearing gas masks, making them very easy to neutralize with the PepperBall Gun. Again, firing a few more pepper balls at the suspects should keep them from retaliating, allowing you to detain them safely.

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At this point in the mission, you should have detained all armed suspects outside and inside Brixley Talent Time. Use the time to find and detain other contacts, such as employees, and collect pieces of evidence, such as weapons dropped by the armed suspects. Once you have completed these, the mission will end, and hopefully, you end up beating the Spider Level with no less than an S Rank in Ready or Not.


If you’re not careful, many things can go wrong very quickly in the Spider Level. You aim to isolate suspects/contacts and detain them as quickly as possible so they can’t run out and back up the rest of the contacts around the map. After you detain all the suspects/contacts at the Courtyard and Brixley Talent Time, look for evidence, such as guns and other objects, to complete the mission.

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